T2A Data Sources


BT OSIS data is a daily updated directory of business and residential telephone numbers. BT OSIS data could be used for building a directory enquiries facility, telephone number appending large customer files, or screening existing customer data for updates or changes.

UK Edited Electoral Roll

The UK Edited Electoral Roll is a database of people who have registered to vote in the UK and not opted out of having their data included. You can search for people on the electoral roll by forename, surname and address. Electoral Roll data is useful for a variety of purposes such as building marketing lists or identity checking. It is a useful first step in confirming that an applicant for goods or services is providing accurate information.

Companies House

Companies House data is a collection of information on UK companies including: Company Names, Company Directors, Company Documents, Company Appointments and Company numbers. Companies House data is useful for verifying company details and for marketing purposes e.g. identifying potential decision makers within an organisation.

The Bereavement Register

The Bereavement Register is a database of people registered as deceased. It is used as a deceased suppression tool to avoid the distress caused to relatives when marketing material is sent to a deceased person.

Telephone Preference Service (TPS and CTPS)

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a monthly updated central opt-out register of telephone numbers belonging to people who do not wish to receive unsolicited sales and marketing phone calls. It is a legal requirement that organisations screen any telemarketing data they hold against the TPS register.

Corporate TPS (or CTPS) is a similar service for business instead of residential telephone numbers - for organisations that telemarket B2B. It is a legal requirement that B2B sales data is also screened against this register.