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T2A is an API encompassing data from the Electoral Register, Consumer Data, Land Registry, Business Data, Ordnance Survey and more. Our services are suitable for businesses requiring verification, person search, or address search functions.

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$(document).ready(function () {
  $(".person-search-form").submit(function (e) {

    $('.error', $(this)).remove();

    var name = $("#name");
    var place = $("#place");
    var street = $("#street");
    var premises = $("#premises");

    if ($('.error', $(this)).length) {
      $('.error', $(this)).first().next('input').focus();
    } else {

        url: '',
        dataType: 'json',
        data: {
          'method': "person_search",
          'api_key': 'sandbox',
          'name': name.val(),
          'place': place.val(),
          'street': street.val(),
          'premises': premises.val(),
          'output': 'json'
        success: function (result) {
          if (result.status == "error") {

Error:' + result.error_code + '

'); } else { var i = 0; if (typeof result.person_list !== "undefined") { result.person_list.forEach(function (person_list_item) { if (i > 0) { $('#results-output').append('
'); } var exceptionsArray = ['META', 'created_details', 'years_list', 'address_key', 'organisation_key', 'dob_details']; for (var key in person_list_item) { if (!key.includes('id') && !exceptionsArray.includes(key)) { var keyName = key.replace('_', ' '); $('#results-output').append('

' + keyName + ': ' + person_list_item[key] + '

'); } } i++; }); } var i = 0; if (typeof result.place_list !== "undefined") { result.place_list.forEach(function (place_list_item) { if (i > 0) { $('#results-output').append('
'); } var exceptionsArray = ['META', 'created_details', 'years_list', 'address_key', 'organisation_key', 'dob_details']; for (var key in place_list_item) { if (!key.includes('id') && !exceptionsArray.includes(key)) { var keyName = key.replace('_', ' '); $('#results-output').append('

' + keyName + ': ' + place_list_item[key] + '

'); } } i++; }); } } $('.person-search-example').hide(); $('.results').show(); } }); } }); $('.results-return').on('click', function (e) { e.preventDefault(); $('#results-output').empty(); $('.person-search-example').show(); $('.results').hide(); }); });

Popular Methods

Most frequently used methods

Develop professional websites and business applications using high quality information on millions of UK addresses.

Person Verify

Verify addresses and person information supplied via your customer by checking against our database. Our data includes the Electoral Roll, the Phone Book, Companies House and Consumer Data.

Verify Now

Find an Address

Find who lives at an address in the UK. Find UK people data for lead generation, background checks, data enrichment and identity checks. This method uses the Electoral Roll, the Phone Book, Companies House and Consumer Data.

Search Addresses

Find a Person

Find addresses, person information, and contact information effortlessly. Our data allows you to find someone's details easily. We consistently refresh our data for your convenience, ensuring it remains current.

Find People Records

Electoral Roll Search

Search the Electoral Roll and find people data in the UK. Use the Electoral Register search function to find a person's ER record, including address and postcode.

Search The Electoral Roll

Telephone Search

Easily locate telephone numbers by conducting an address search, simplifying the process of finding contact information associated with specific locations, efficient and convenient.

Find Telephone Numbers

Age Verification

Effortlessly verify a person's age by cross-referencing against our comprehensive data sources. Ensure they meet the age requirement of over 18 years old, guaranteeing compliance and safety for your business.

Age Check

Director Search

Efficiently search for directors and their company details, accessing comprehensive information that aids in making informed decisions and encouraging productive business relationships, enhancing transparency and effectiveness.

Search Directors


Easily determine if a Personal or Company number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service through both Bulk and Single Checks, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing efficiency in managing communication preferences.

Check TPS Status

Data Enrichment

Utilise teleappend data with advanced data enrichment capabilities. Simply upload your CSV file to augment it with names, telephone numbers, mobile numbers, and- in select cases- email addresses, enhancing the value and usability of your data.

Enrich Data

Company Search

Search for companies, access downloadable documents, and view comprehensive filing histories, while also checking company credit scores and credit reports. This enables informed decision-making and facilitates thorough due diligence processes.

Search Companies

Designed for developers

T2A is an API compatible with XML, JSON and SOAP. Our data amalgamates the Electoral Roll, Companies House, Consumer Data and Land Registry. T2A is comprised of methods including person verify, find an address and find a person.

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T2A is trusted by over +500 international businesses across multiple industries including financial, debt collection, marketing, legal, real estate, and e-commerce.

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