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Age Verify for Wordpress with WooCommerce

If you are selling any age restricted products like alcohol and vaping products (i.e. that require customers to be 18+ years old) on your website, and the website is built using Wordpress, you can install this plugin.

What is it?

Instead of a tick box popup on a website that customers simply tick to say they are 18 or over, this plugin will verify their age against actual UK data sources, which are regularly updated. So it is not possible for someone under age to bypass the check, as they could by simply ticking an ‘I am over 18’ box.


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This puts you, as the owner of the website and vendor of age restricted products in the best possible position, if challenged that goods on your website were sold to an under-age customer. By using a data-driven age verification service you have made every effort to verify the age of your customers, and thus complied with the UK guidelines on selling age-restricted products.

How does it work?

The plugin works with an existing T2A account and uses 10 credits from your balance, just in the same way all methods operate within the T2A api. If you haven’t got a T2A account yet, you can register for one here

Our Age Verification plugin will take the name and address details (registered on their account on your website) of a customer who wishes to buy an age restricted product(s) and match against actual name and address data in our data sources to verify if they are over 18 years old.

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At checkout, if they are verified as being over 18, they will not experience any interruption in the purchase process, the check will happen seamlessly and instantly in the background.

Should they not pass the verification check, a message will appear to the customer and they will be unable to complete their transaction with any age-restricted products in their basket. You are able to verify their customer account as over 18 manually in the admin section, if you can obtain proof of age from them (e.g. a copy of their passport).


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