Asynchronous Methods

Most of the services available in T2A are synchronous - they return as quickly as possible with the result.

For some methods, mainly those involving bulk operations, the operation is asynchronous.

Every asynchronous service revolves around the creation of a "job", and the background execution of T2A on that job.

A typical asynchronous service follows these stages:-

  1. Create a Job. T2A gives you an encrypted unique job ID. This contains only alphanumeric characters plus underscore and dash.
  2. Pass your data into that job.
  3. Start the job processing.
  4. Read the progress of the job, as a percentage.
  5. When that percentage has reached 100, the job is completed.
  6. Read or download the processed data from the completed job.

Currently the only asynchronous method is deceased_bulk.

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