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API Method List

These are the available methods in the T2A API.

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API Method List

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  1. Search for a person (person_search)
  2. Find people at an address (address_person)
  3. Search the UK Electoral Roll (electoral_roll)
  4. Search the Full UK Electoral Roll (full_electoral_roll)
  5. Person Verify (person_verify)
  6. Age verification (age_verification)
  7. Search for a residential telephone number (telephone_residential)
  8. Search for a business (business_search)
  9. Search for an address/postcode (address_search)
  10. Validate a telephone number (validate_telephone)
  11. Validate a mobile telephone number (validate_mobile_phone_number)
  12. Validate a credit card number (validate_credit_card)
  13. Validate an email address (validate_email)
  14. Validate a VAT number (validate_vat)
  15. TPS/CTPS check a telephone number (tps_full)
  16. TPS/CTPS checking a CSV file containing telephone numbers (tps_bulk)
  17. Find UK dialling codes (area_code)
  18. Find international dialling codes (country_dial)
  19. Geo-Code an address (geo_code)
  20. Reverse Geo-Code (reverse_geo_code)
  21. Find company details (company_details)
  22. Find director details (director_details)
  23. Get a company credit report (company_credit_report)
  24. Find a location from an IP address (ip_location)
  25. Send a text message (send_text_message)
  26. Check the bereavement register (deceased)
  27. Bulk check the bereavement register (deceased_bulk)
  28. Check company name availability (company_name_check)
  29. Download a company document (company_document_download)
  30. Generate a secure JavaScript key (javascript_key)
  31. Create an asynchronous job (job_create)
  32. Read the progress of an asynchronous job (job_progress)
  33. Telephone number appending (tele_append)
  34. View information about your account (client_info)