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Check if a phone number is TPS registered

API method to use: tps_full

Check a telephone number against both the TPS and CTPS registers.

Together, the TPS and CTPS registers make up a list of all residential and business numbers that are not to be called by telemarketers making unsolicited marketing calls. Fines of up to £5,000 can be faced for calling a single TPS or CTPS registered number.

We recommend checking against both registers as occasionally a telephone number may be found in the "incorrect" register, for example in the case of self employed individuals.

Integrating this service into your website or business application ensures you are maintaining the highest levels of both TPS and CTPS compliance. You can check your call lists against both the TPS and CTPS registers to ensure any numbers you are planning to call do not appear on either register. Alternatively, you can check single numbers for more specific purposes.

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Enter a phone number to check it against the TPS and CTPS registers. Alternatively, you can see the T2A TPS checking in action on