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26th November 2020 by Ian Martin

How to use bulk options for Person Verification and Age Verification.

Our API offers the option, on both Person Verification and Age Verification, of a bulk method so you can check a file of multiple names and addresses in one go.

This is ideal for companies that want to check their customer database to verify that they hold the correct and genuine name/address details in the case of Person Verification, or that customers are 18 years old or over if running the file against our Age Verification.

Person Verification

To check that a person applying for your product, or that has registered an account with you, is who they say they are is invaluable as a way to prevent fraud and money laundering within your business. Our Person Verification method does just that by checking against our vast dataset of over 48+ million UK people.

'Knowing Your Customer' (or KYC as it's commonly abbreviated to) by using our Person Verification facility is vital in many business sectors including:

  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Lending companies
  • Insurance companies & brokers
  • Rail industry (for ticket inspectors issuing fines)
  • Legal practices and solicitors

Read more on the bulk tab of our T2A Person Verification page.

Age Verification

Under UK law any business selling age-restricted products or services must check that the customer is old enough to purchase them. Trading Standards guidance from the Government states that a customer ticking a box on a website to say they are 18 or over is not sufficient to verify their age.

Our Age Verification method checks a UK person's age against actual date of birth data within our comprehensive set of data sources including the Full Electoral Roll.

There is a need for reliable age verification amongst a wide range of industries that sell age restricted products including:

  • E-Commerce retailers of alcohol, tobacco or DVDs
  • Pharmaceutical companies selling their products online
  • Retailers of kitchen knives and other items that can be classed as "offensive weapons"
  • websites selling potentially harmful cleaning products and other dangerous chemicals.

Read our Age Verification page on T2A to see how we check age against actual data. Click the bulk tab for information on the bulk age verification method.

How our bulk Person Verification and Age Verification services work

Step 1 - download the names and addresses from your database that you want to verify into a csv file.

Step 2 - make sure your file has these fields included as a minimum:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Address line 1
  • Postcode

Step 3 - upload your file to T2A

Step 4 - T2A matches your information against our vast dataset which is updated daily to provide the most accurate, up to date results.

Step 5 - your csv results file will contain the original data plus an extra column to give one of the following results next to each person:

For Person Verification...


For Age verification...


Try our verification services for free

There is a free demo for each of our verification methods:

Go to the demo tab on this page to try Person Verification.

Go to the demo tab on this page for Age Verification.

So if you want to ensure your customer database contains genuine verified UK individuals, and that they are old enough to buy your age restricted products in the future, why not get in touch.


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