How one customer has harnessed the power of our API

The T2A API is powering lots of companies’ websites, apps and internal systems to help them deliver new efficient processes in their business. They depend on our UK data sources, the most accurate and up to date available, to deliver instant reliable results for their staff’s people, address and company information searches.

Our customers are wide and varied, from delivery companies to fraud prevention specialists, E-Commerce websites to estate agents, telemarketing agencies to building societies.

Here is a case study about one of our customers to give you a flavour of how we help companies, working with them as their data partner…

T2A Customer Focus – Raspberry Software Systems Ltd

Raspberry Software Systems, providers of software solutions to the UK rail industry since 2004, have been working with us for 10 years and have increased their usage of our T2A data during that time.

Through Raspberry Software’s Ticket Inspection and Prosecution System (TIPS) their rail clients have been able to replace paper based systems, and arduous record checking over the phone by Revenue Protection Officers on the train, with instant passenger identification through the app on an Officer’s tablet or smart phone.

At the heart of the TIPS system is the T2A data upon which it replies, delivered by API methods that we worked on in partnership with Raspberry Software to help them deliver the unique tailored system they wanted to develop.

The feedback that Raspberry Software has had from their clients has been excellent. Rail companies using TIPS have reported a much greater number of Penalty Fare Notices issued and a marked increase in those settled.

Working with T2A has been a very rewarding process for us. Their agile and flexible approach to delivering quick solutions to the data requirements we had for our system has been very refreshing. Add to that the fact that through their API we have access to good quality data at very good value prices, this relationship has been a win for us and a win for our clients.

Peter Jarvis | Director
Raspberry Software Systems Ltd

In the case study example above, Raspberry Software are using our API methods relating to finding who lives at a UK address, accessing the Electoral Roll and our other data sources.

We have a host of other methods too within our API to help you with whatever people, address and company data searching you need to perform within your system. Here is our full method list to show what the T2A API can do.

Some of our most popular applications of the API are:

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One of the best things about our API is that you can sign up for an account and start testing it out straight away without any financial commitment. There are free demos (using limited access to live data) and example scripts to get an idea of how accessing the API could work for you with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

So if you have an app, website or internal system (or you’re looking to develop one) and need an API to return results using comprehensive up to date UK data sources…let’s talk!

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