Example API uses

Age Verification

Validate your data against our UK people data sources to see if a record, aged over 18, is found.

API method to use: age_verification

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Validate a person

Validate a UK person by checking if they exist in our data which includes: the edited electoral register, the phone book, companies house data and consumer data.

API method to use: person_verify

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OCR ID Checking

Verify an uploaded photographic ID with Optical character recognition (OCR) / Biometric checking.

API method to use: ocr_transaction

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Check if a number is TPS registered

Check a telephone number against both the TPS and CTPS registers.

API method to use: tps_full

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Validate an email address

Validate the syntax of an email address whilst also checking that the domain actually exists.

API method to use: validate_email

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Validate a VAT number

Check whether a VAT number is in the correct format.

API method to use: validate_vat

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Check if a person is deceased

Check the bereavement register to ascertain whether or not a person is deceased.

API method to use: deceased and deceased_bulk

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Validate a company number

Enter a company number to check if it is valid.

API method to use: company_details

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Validate a phone number

Check a phone number against the official list of valid telephone number ranges.

API method to use: validate_telephone

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Validate a credit card number

Check the format and number range of a credit or debit card number to see if it matches that of the major card issuers.

API method to use: validate_credit_card

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Validate a mobile phone number

Validate a UK mobile telephone number and return the current network, the original network and an indicator if the number is still in use.

API method to use: validate_mobile_phone_number

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Bulk TPS checking

A facility to bulk TPS/CTPS check a CSV file of business or residential telephone numbers.

API method to use: tps_bulk

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