Look up telephone numbers

Example API uses

Find a business telephone number

Search the phone book and companies house data to find a UK business telephone number by name and/or location.

API method to use: business_search and telephone_business_class

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Find a residential telephone number

Search the phone book to find a UK residential phone number.

API method to use: telephone_residential

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Validate a phone number

Check a phone number against the official list of valid telephone number ranges.

API method to use: validate_telephone

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Check if a phone number is TPS registered

Check a telephone number against both the TPS and CTPS registers.

API method to use: tps_full

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Bulk TPS checking

A facility to bulk TPS/CTPS check a CSV file of business or residential telephone numbers.

API method to use: tps_bulk

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Locate a mobile phone or landline number

Pinpoint the geographical location of a mobile phone or landline simply by using the phone number.

API method to use: geo_code_telephone

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Find an international dialling code

Find out which telephone prefix code is required to call another country.

API method to use: country_dial

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Find a UK dialling code

Look up UK area dialling codes by entering a town or postcode or vice versa.

API method to use: area_code

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Send a text message

Send a text message (SMS) to a mobile number.

API method to use: send_text_message

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Telephone number appending

A facility to append business or residential telephone numbers to a CSV dataset.

API method to use: tele_append

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Validate a mobile phone number

Validate a UK mobile telephone number and return the current network, the original network and an indicator if the number is still in use.

API method to use: validate_mobile_phone_number

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