Single line addresses and names

Any API functions returning address information now include an addr_single_line field, which is a concatenated string of all the address parts, for your convenience.

Similarly, functions returning person information have a name_single_line field, which is a concatenated string of all the name parts.

Finding people at an address is now even easier

The address_person method (and the AddressPerson class in the Java/JSP library) has been augmented and the parameter “premises”, previously mandatory, is now optional.

If the premises is not entered, or does not indicate a unique address, the method returns a free (no charge) list of premises at which there is one or more person. This allows the final user to select an address from that list and to re-submit the method, using that text as the “premises” value.

This also assists with the difficulty of specifying a house name or number when the method is used with flats – a definitive list of available addresses is returned for free as an optional first stage.