TPS checks much cheaper!

Our TPS and CTPS checking services have been drastically reduced.

TPS and CTPS are now just 0.1 credits per use. That’s effectively less than £1.50 per thousand numbers on our biggest credit package (1.5p per credit) which we’re sure you’ll agree is more than competitive.

Combined TPS and CTPS checking now available

We have just added a new service to T2A which compares your telephone numbers against both the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) register and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) register. From our personal experience dealing with several clients we have found that a telephone number is occasionally registered on the incorrect list e.g. a business set up by a self employed individual may only be registered on the TPS register therefore only checking against the CTPS register would incorrectly say they are ok to call. The combined TPS and CTPS service cost 0.13 credits per use which works out as £1.95 per thousand numbers on our biggest credit package (1.5p per credit).

Cheaper credits!

We have recently reviewed our prices and increased the amount of credits you get on the lower credit packages.

You can now get 850 credits for £25, which is effectively 2.9p per credit. It still pays to buy in bulk if you are a heavy user as our credit packages get progressively cheaper the more you spend . Buying our biggest package is just 1.5p per credit. Why not view our pricing page now to see how this effects the service(s) you are interested in.

Single line addresses and names

Any API functions returning address information now include an addr_single_line field, which is a concatenated string of all the address parts, for your convenience.

Similarly, functions returning person information have a name_single_line field, which is a concatenated string of all the name parts.

Finding people at an address is now even easier

The address_person method (and the AddressPerson class in the Java/JSP library) has been augmented and the parameter “premises”, previously mandatory, is now optional.

If the premises is not entered, or does not indicate a unique address, the method returns a free (no charge) list of premises at which there is one or more person. This allows the final user to select an address from that list and to re-submit the method, using that text as the “premises” value.

This also assists with the difficulty of specifying a house name or number when the method is used with flats – a definitive list of available addresses is returned for free as an optional first stage.